On grid (LED)
On grid (LED)

Public and private LED lighting on grid

Public lighting is a measure of security for the public. It protects the weakest from traffic accidents and other potential dangers in the dark, and prevents criminality and vandalism. Public lighting contributes to the quality of life and the attractiveness of cities and towns. However, the norms in force need to be respected during the process. Apart from traffic safety, the decision makers need to give more thought to economic and environmental aspects, especially in the case of renovation of the installations*.

Until a few years ago, LED technology for street lighting was looked upon with scepticism. In the meantime, great progress was made in the sector and most weaknesses were corrected. Thanks to recent developments, LEDs have won the trust of professionals, governments and industry. From now onwards, LED has to be part of every public lighting plan. At present, more than 50% of new installations in Switzerland have been carried out with LED technology**.


* source : Assainissement des installations 2011 (www.topten.ch) (www.topstreetlight.ch)
** source : LED dans la pratique 2013 (www.topten.ch) (www.topstreetlight.ch)


The products of public and private lighting LED on grid
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    The Antares© range allows you to quickly and easily replace your...


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