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HEI Technology International GmbH

Dr. Dieter Hornbachner                   


HEI Technology International GmbH combines cutting edge design with innovative, patented module technology and highly efficient LED with solar energy and its related controllers and components. 

Dr. Dieter Hornbachner founder of the company translated his vision and electrical engineering-, market- and political experience in creating the first off-grid solar lighting system for professional use.

Research, development and manufacturing of all the HEI products are done in house, in Vienna, relying and integrating advanced and innovative engineering ideas, product conceptualization and advanced performances with state of the art manufactured parts.

The HEI solar « AOL » offering received several important prizes for its design, conceptualization, technology and innovation. In 2014, the « Champ « offering was placed in the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna as » most innovative industrial product » in public lighting of the last decennia in Austria. The « Champ » model was also selected for installation at the Monastery of Poblet in Spain a UNESCO protected site.

Since its start, HEI has seen a steady growth. Well over 4'000 installations perform already everyday with solar energy on each of the 5 continents with the Mira®, Champ® and Antares© product lines.

Dr. Dieter Hornbachner privileges to grow the HEI business by working with a number of selected and preferred partners covering certain countries and/or regions. He believes in mutual objectives, trust and transparency and selected distribution partners that have these same common denominator in market approach and principles of marketing and delivering high quality performing products and services.

Since end of 2011 HEI and DTI Energies© work together as privileged partners. Design,Technology and Innovation are the key drivers embedded in the name of DTI-Energies© and their motto «Rethinking the future© »
“The team from DTI Energies©, a department of DT International SA, translates very well the vision and marketing of our HEI offerings in both grid and solar energy solutions within their assigned geographies and within the scope of international projects. We trust each-other and have the same beliefs and ambition to increase the acceptance and implementation of innovative LED and solar public lighting infrastructures combined with technology, design and value added service offerings” says Dr. Dieter Hornbachner.

Installation partner

Industrial Services of Geneva

SIG: A responsible company. In the spirit of public services, SIG has made of values such as sustainability the basis od its activities, with concrete propositions, as well on the general offering then in for the Lighting and Illumination department with whom DTI-Energies is partner. SIG answers to quality certifications ISO 9110 and ISO 14001.

Team. Concerning public lighting, the know-how and the professionalism of SIG are well recognized. Its experience in planning and management of networks is unique. SIG is the only company in Switzerland whom obtained a grade of the special Light planner school of Paris. For planning to the renovation, the Lighting and Illumination activity of SIG gathers all professions related to public lighting, allowing a global expertise of public lighting solutions. Lighting planning and management had become an urban art. A world of ideas and technic.

Expertise. Public lighting is an inseparable element of life quality. It contributes to the security of road users and walkers. These new norms and expectancy (design, light quality, low consumption, on site integration) and the development of urbanism are in need of high quality expertise. Expertise delivered by the SIG Lighting and Illumination team.

Source : SIG documentation,

Installation partner

Duvoisin & Groux

Public lighting. It is no hazard if, at the beginning of the century, electricity was called “the electricity fairy”. The magic still operated today and DUVOISIN – GROUX knows how to highlight its benefits for the wellness of communities. The department “Lighting and Signalization” masters all the actual technologies and offers to communities’ divers public lighting solutions.

Offering. DUVOISIN – GROUX offers to customers the overall public lighting study for specific urban areas. The company installs and manages all latest lighting technics available on the market allowing low energy consumption and answering to all specific needs and demands. Mastering cost, norms, and esthetic aspects of an installation is primary. Many communities, towns and cities have already shown their trust into the company. DUVOISIN – GROUX is also provider of a maintenance service as well as costumed solutions.

Expertise. DUVOISIN – GROUX offers all in one offerings. Working with one unique company to cover all aspects of lighting project guaranties optimal operations over years.

Source :

Installation partner

Groupe E Connect SA

Groupe E Connect SA is a public limited company active in the installation of electrical power, the manufacturing of electric boards, telecommunication & fiber optic, heat pumps, solar installations and road & railway infrastructures.

Our mission is to “Make energy and communication available to everyone” and we ambition to be “the reference company in all these fields”.

Our values guide our day today behavior, applying these values is a gage of success over time. These values constitute at the same time a collective commitment and an individual imperative.

Groupe E Connect SA, profesionals with a strong team spirit that is a guarantee of the creation of a shared value.

The supply of energy MT/BT, signage, security installations, the connection of ventilation and other electromechanical equipment are elements which are fully integrated in the modern road & railway infrastructures.

For fields such as:

  • Distribution of energy
  • Lighting and illuminations system
  • Security installations
  • Transportation of information

Thanks to Groupe E Connect SA, you only have one speaking person able to offer you a complete range of standard or tailored made product. The realization of either your construction or renovation work will thereby greatly facilatated.

You will benefit of a solid experience, high quality output and a local service available 24/24h. 

Installation partner

Romande Energie

Outdoor lighting, know-how to highlight your projects.

After having participated, 130 years ago, to one of the first on grid public lighting in Switzerland, on the « Riviera Vaudoise », the company has been at the center of major development in this field. Over time, more than five generations of experts that have acquired a wealth of competences, knowledge and expertise which makes us the essential reference in "Swiss Romande",

Always in sink with the energy issues, we are today active in efficient, dynamic and intelligent public lighting. We actively participe in the realization of projects and events in which light in celebrated:

Château of Chillon, Paléo Music Festival in Nyon, Christmas Market of Montreux

Every year, over 100 publics entities and companies entrust us with mandates in five main areas:

  • Lighting study / conception
  • Lighting installations
  • Lighting maintenance
  • Commun properties (estate) illumination
  • Christmas illuminations

Responsibility, openess and innovation are the three values  that lead our activities and engages us towards our customers and our suppliers. Those are also driving forces to continually search for the best solutions to deliver premium quality lighting solutions.

Today, we are proud to count among our suppliers a partner like DTI-Energies, because this collaboration allows us to associate our expertise and recommandations with a performing material and this way offer the best lighting solution to answer to the needs of our customers.

Installation partner

Power company from the Vallee de Joux SA (SEVJ)

The power company from the Vallée de Joux (SEVJ SA) is the main distribution of energy and services serving the needs of three municipalities including the Valley (L’Abbaye – Le Chenit and Le Lieu). The company provides electricity for a population of 6'500 inhabitants, tens of small and medium size companies and manufacturing sites of prestigious brands, hotels and privates & publics administrations.

Annually the SEVJ SA supplies slightly over 60 millions kWh of electricity.

Perfectly integrated in the economic dynsmic of the Valley, the company relies on a motivated and performed team of more than 80 employees covering the following fields:

  • Transport and distribution of the energy
  • Public lighting and illuminations
  • In house installations services
  • Multimedia (TV – Internet – Phone)
  • Local television (Val TV)
  • Electrical appliances & radio-tv store

Professional training is one of the most important activities at SEVJ SA, actually we are training twelve apprentices in seven different jobs.

The economic activity of our region requires the reliable supply of high quality electricity. That is why it is important to have a company of human dimension, able to understand the specific demands of it's customers and who is well integrated in the region. 

Institutionnel partner

Our aim is to promote western Switzerland as a European centre of excellence for clean technologies in order to encourage the development of its companies and research organisations. To achieve this, CleantechAlps is:  

  • the main point of contact in western Switzerland 
  • the force driving intercantonal activity to develop the cleantech sector
  • the coordinator for cleantech matters among SMEs, organisations, professional bodies and the canton

As part of their strategy to promote different industrial sectors, the conference of ministers of economic affairs of western Switzerland (CDEP-SO) decided to launch the 4th subject platform on cleantech. This same initiative has already resulted in the formation of three clusters, BioAlps for life sciences, AlpICT for information and communication technology and Micronarc for micro- and nanotechnology. With the creation of CleantechAlps, the region is extending this successful development strategy to the cleantech sector.

Financial partner

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