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    Our "Antares ©" range offers you the ability to quickly and...

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HEI Eco Technology™

True to our watchword "Rethinking the Future©" and our vision to commercialize new innovative offerings, DTI-Energies offers products that are at the cutting edge of technology in their field, providing our customers with benefits and important commercial differentiation.

Based on our criteria we selected a LED street lighting solution for private and public lighting projects powered by a unique photovoltaic module capturing solar energy and complemented with hybrid and on grid versions and manufactured in Europe.

We carefully, set up our network of "Accredited Installers" to provide professional « turn-key » installation services to our customers.

We offer different annual maintenance services contracts for the products we sell in street lighting to private and government customers to optimize the functioning of the facilities in time.

Our street lighting products on solar energy provide autonomous, aesthetic and creative solutions in an urban landscape to improve night visibility and security in an environmentally and economically way.

We are the partner of the company HEI Eco Technology(C) for Switzerland since 2011and we offer these products in different countries and international projects. The company HEI Eco Technology© is based in Vienna and was established in 2001 by Dr. Dieter Hornbachner. Its main activity lies in research and development and its application in advanced products including clean and renewable energies. It is in this context that the products from HEI Eco Technology © have won numerous awards for their design, technological advances and unique photovoltaic module patented worldwide.


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