Power Tube photovoltaïc
Power Tube photovoltaïc

A single photovoltaic module

DTI-Energies can supply you with an autonomous energy solution with the « hei power tube™ ». For example for parking entry barriers, bus stops, bike stations, etc…

This unique photovoltaic technology is worldwide patented and is available for multiple applications.

The first application developed this way is the power supply of more than 300 bike stations in the city of New York. The advantages of this technology has been recognized and selected as the best solution by the company that develops these bike stations.

The autonomous power unit brings many advantages and commercial efficiceny with regard to the civil engineering and installation costs and the autonomous supply of energy. Different innovative application can be imagined and developed in collaboration with private companies.


Technical description
Edge technology
  • hei power tube™

    • Patented photovoltaic technology
    • Poly-directional energy yield (360°)
    • Accumulates energy by absorbing solar and ambient light (direct and indirect sunlight)
    • Monocrystalline silicon cells (Mira & Champ)
    • Multi-crystalline silion celles (Antares)
    • Withstands high wind loads
    • No deposits on surface (sand, snow, dirt, etc…)
    • Reduced risk of vandalism thanks to the worldwide patented curved photovoltaic module 

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