Champ NG
Solar public night lighting – Champ NG

Mira & Champ

Champ NG

Photovoltaic solar LED circular lighting system

The Champ NG™ is a stand-alone solar lighting system conceived for public, professional and private outdoor lighting.

The Champ NG™ is equipped with an LED flange, powered by the photovoltaic module hei power tube™ with an output of 210Wc. This model offers 24 LEDs to reach a luminous efficiency between 118 and 120 lm / w on the ground.

The Champ NG™ provides a 360 ° circular illumination, perfectly suited for the lighting of squares, parks, parking lots, roundabouts, footpaths, walks, sorting centres etc.

Thanks to its intelligent energy management system (microprocessor), the Champ NG™ guarantees uninterrupted operation even in harsh weather conditions, dim ambient light and weak sunlight


  • Motion sensor for customised programming
  • Hybrid system combining solar and on-grid
  • LED temperature in the 4,100k and 3,100k options
  • Colour recoating with RAL as per choice (additional cost depending of the chosen colour) 


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