Mira S100
Solar stand alone street lighting

Mira & Champ

Mira S100

Photovoltaic LED lighting system with aligned illumination

The Mira S100™ is a stand-alone solar lighting system conceived for public professional and private outdoor lighting.

The Mira S100™ is equipped with an LED light head powered by the photovoltaic module hei power tube™ with an output of 109Wc. This model offers 12 or 18 LEDs delivering a luminous efficiency between 118 and 120 lm / w on the ground.

The Mira S100™ provides a direct beam, especially suitable for traffic lanes, driveways, private roads, parks, car parks, bike paths, bus shelters, sorting centres, etc.

Due to its intelligent energy management system (microprocessor), the Mira S100™ guarantees uninterrupted operation even in bad weather conditions, low ambient light and weak sunlight

Two different models are available:

  • The Mira S100-1200: which has a light head with 12 LEDs
  • The Mira S100-1800: which has a light head with 18 LEDs


  • Motion sensor for customised programming
  • Hybrid system combining solar and on-grid
  • LED colour temperature options of 4,100k and 3,100k
  • Colour recoating of the mast with RAL at buyer’s option (additional cost with rate depending on the colour chosen)


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