Antares 16000 P400


Antares 16000 P400

Stand-alone LED solar and/or hybrid stand-alone high-performance LED street light ideal for main roads and roadway applications

The range of Antares© lighting systems integrates state of the art technology in the public & private outdoorlight industry.

All models of the Antares 16000 P400-215© come equipped with the latest LED technology, offering a luminous efficiency between 134-136 lm/w on the ground and is available in a solar or hybrid version.

As per your requirements, the Antares 16000 P400-215© lamp can be fitted with either a single or a twin light head, powered by the unique photovoltaic “hei power tube™”, with an output of 400 Wp for the single head and 800 Wp for the twin head version.

The Antares 16000 P400-215© offers optimal balanced light distribution, ideal for modern applications in public lighting. It is particularly well suited for lighting of arterial roads, highways, large public squares, large open spaces, etc.

The intelligent energy management (microprocessor) device of the Antares 16000 P400-215© ensures optimal and continuous operation, even in poor weather conditions, dim light and weak sunshine. 


  • Standard finish of the mast is in galvanized steel. Coating with colour RAL 9005 or 9006 will be charged extra. The rest of the RAL colour palette can also be selected but at additional cost, based on the quotation.


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